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Epic Innovations participated as judges of the 2010 SIIA //CODiE// Awards

Epic Innovations participated in the judging of the 2009 SIIA //CODiE// Awards

Marketing exposes your company to a world of customers!

Web Development is just one part of introducing your products or services to your target market - online. Whether it be guerrilla or traditional marketing, we have the knowledge and experience to market you and your company to a world of potential customers. From conception to fruition, we will outline a comprehensive marketing plan that identifies viable target markets, and sets milestones for quantitative results. Marketing skills include:

  • internet marketing
  • brand development
  • search engine optimization (SEO
  • email marketing campaigns (including both traditional email and video email marketing campaigns)
  • product development and placement
  • partnerships


Caused Based Marketing Consulting

Developing A Social Site For Filipinos

Building An Online Community And Portal For Entertainment

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